Pension Sharing

The value of pensions (especially as we get older) can be very substantial. Our approachable family lawyers are experts in applying for pension sharing orders in the Family Court.

The Family Court can share pensions as part of the financial settlement of divorce proceedings, just the same as orders can be made in respect of the division of property and other assets.

If you are involved in divorce proceedings and there are significant pension assets, it is important to understand that the Family Court can make orders in respect of them (although the Court cannot make pension sharing orders in respect of basic state pensions). Similarly, as pension sharing orders are a complicated area of family law, it is worth investing in quality advice at an early stage in order to protect your interests.

It is vital that expert family solicitors are consulted in any case where parties have pension assets, to avoid the risk of pensions not being properly addressed by the Family Court.

A considerable amount of work is required behind the scenes in order to provide the judge with enough information to make an informed decision regarding the value of pensions. Often this means that an actuary will have to be engaged by parties in order to ascertain an accurate valuation. Our professional family solicitors have an excellent network of contacts in financial and actuarial services.

Our helpful family solicitors can advise you on any matters relating to pension sharing in divorce proceedings. Please contact the team on 0161 969 3131 or fill in this contact form and we’ll be in touch.

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