Bicycle Accident Solicitors

If you’ve been involved in a cycling accident, contact our solicitors now for help in claiming compensation.

If you’ve been involved in a collision while cycling – and you were not at fault – you may be entitled to compensation.

We know how vulnerable cyclists are on the roads. And in a collision with a car, a cyclist is always going to come off second best.

That’s why we do everything possible to win your case.

A claim can be made against the offending driver for any loss you suffer as a consequence of the accident.

It’s important that a lawyer with extensive experience in cycling accident cases handles your claim.

That’s why our expert team includes solicitors who specialise in pursuing cycling accident claims.

They know the best way to approach your case, and can recommend the route that will get you the result you deserve.

In addition to physical injury, you may be entitled to claim for:

  • Psychological trauma
  • Loss of earnings
  • The replacement cost of bike or repair costs
  • Any private medical costs
  • Therapy
  • The value of care provided by family and friends during your rehabilitation

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Unsure if You Have a Case?

Motorists need to be aware of cyclists on the road and should adjust their driving to accommodate them.

Too many motorists in the UK do not give cyclists the space they need or the courtesy they deserve as road users. This can result in accidents involving serious injury to cyclists.

So if an accident does happen and you think the driver could be to blame, our bicycle accident lawyers can help. They’ll review the details of the accident and advise on the best course of action.

We go the Extra Mile

When we take on your cycling accident case, we do more than just pursue your compensation claim.

In serious injury cases, we will involve a rehabilitation team. They’ll help with your recovery so you can get back to work and your usual activities – while we work on obtaining the maximum compensation for your injuries and losses.

We can use one our specialist approved repairers to repair your cycle or to value it if it is beyond repair.

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