Neighbour and Boundary Dispute Solicitors

Neighbour and boundary disputes never present a desirable situation for those involved, though they are often unavoidable and are always best resolved in line with professional legal advice.

Experience is essential to maximise your investment of time and money, and to prevent any initial neighbour and boundary dispute from developing into a long-term saga.


Slater Heelis has built a strong reputation throughout the North West of England for client service and a proven track record for successfully dealing with various kinds of neighbour and boundary dispute.


We work closely with property owners and tenants on a full range of matters: protecting their property rights and boundary rights, resolving right of way and parking disputes, breach of restrictions and instances of nuisance or trespassing.

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Commitment to excellent client service

Whatever issue you are facing, we believe that litigation should always be viewed as a last resort. Seeking to achieve an amicable solution through initial negotiation and mediation is always preferable to lengthy legal proceedings.

If further court action is required, our neighbour dispute solicitors will obtain the required evidence to support your case and scope out the proportionality of legal action to ensure that the costs do not outweigh an achievable outcome. We pride ourselves on our ability to resolve disputes on time and within budget.

Slater Heelis’ approach to client service is what sets us apart from other law firms. Our dispute resolution solicitors draw on decades of practical experience in dealing with neighbour and boundary disputes, so you can rest assured that your case will be dealt with by an expert member of the team, not a paralegal.

We offer vital support at what is often a very distressing time for our clients, and proactive advice that is only ever a telephone call away.

Client Satisfaction

“Despite a large caseload, they never left us in any doubt that we were valued customers. At a very difficult time, they were immensely supportive, continuously ensuring that we were fully apprised of events and never failing to return a phone call. Efficient, effective, worth every penny, we would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.” – George, regarding a right of way dispute

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