Our Values & Commitment

Our values provide a foundation for our actions and work, helping us to provide a standard of service unmatched in the legal profession, yet without compromising our desire to behave ethically and in an environmentally-friendly way. We know that we’ve gained the loyalty of many clients because we are approachable and provide them with an excellent service. But we’re not about to rest on our laurels, so we’re committed to improving every aspect of our firm.

You can find our Corporate Social Responsibility policy here.

Valuing our clients

Our goal isn’t just to meet your expectations – we’re keen to exceed them! Of course, every client will have their own view on great services. But in general terms, we want you to feel that:

  • we’re responsive and proactive in handling your legal matter.
  • the advice we give is in your best interests and focused on achieving the result you desire.
  • we give guidance on a range of approaches that you could take with your legal matter.
  • we make it simple to understand our advice and the legal process.

And of course, we strive to be as cost-effective as possible to ensure that you receive excellent value from our legal advice.

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service please refer to our Client Complaints Procedure.

Valuing our people

Our people are very important to our success. Their expertise, experience, ideas and motivation make our firm what is, so when it comes to recruitment, we look for talented individuals who want to contribute to our firm, develop their potential and are genuinely interested in working in a team culture. In return, we offer excellent scope for training, personal development and involvement in improving our firm that extends beyond their core job responsibilities.

Contributing to the community

We recognise that we have an obligation to give something back, so we’re committed to participating in local and national fundraising activities on behalf of a selected group of charities. We focus on selected charities because we don’t want to spread ourselves too thin and not contribute anything of real value.

Doing our bit for the environment

We recognise that running our business can have a negative impact on the environment. We aim to reduce this by taking the time to be thoughtful about every aspect of our business, from recycling to our use of light bulbs, to conserving energy and using fairtrade products.

In May 2019, we furthered our commitment towards creating a healthy and sustainable environment by joining the Legal Sustainability Alliance.


Our mission

We also have a mission statement. We’ve tried to keep it relevant, genuine and not too long! We think it accurately summarises what we all come to work for every day and how we want to be regarded for our legal advice. We provide our clients with high quality legal services tailored to their specific requirements, making it easier for them to manage all aspects of their legal affairs. We are approachable, open and proactive with our clients, striving to go beyond their expectations of us.

Our mission statement is:

“To be the premier, full service, Law Firm in Manchester offering the highest quality service to both Businesses and Private Clients”

Our Commitment

We’re committed to providing a high quality legal service. Our partner team will ensure that the firm will endeavour to continually improve its performance through employee engagement, client feedback and compliance with relevant regulatory requirements.

Our policy includes partners and all permanent and temporary employees.

We have set out our strategy in relation to quality as follows:

  • we will encourage our clients to provide us with honest feedback on our performance to enable us to continually improve.
  • we will communicate proactively with our clients, providing them with relevant and high quality information about their legal matter and our services.
  • we will train, develop and educate all our staff to the highest professional standards.
  • we will maintain an office manual detailing all our quality management procedures.
  • we will promote an ethos of continuous improvement by engaging all our employees in planning and performance review processes.
  • we will review our quality management systems on a continual basis to ensure that they remain current and effective.
  • we will seek to achieve and maintain accreditation against the nationally-recognised standards for Investors in People and Lexcel.

The firm’s quality partner is Mike Fox.

The partners are responsible for determining the firm’s strategic direction and for carrying out reviews of quality. They are also responsible for creating the environment and systems for quality management to operate effectively throughout the firm.

Heads of Departments have primary responsibility for managing quality on a day-to-day basis. They are also responsible for promoting quality awareness within their teams and encouraging staff to suggest improvements to the quality system.

All staff have a responsibility for quality management at a level appropriate to their role. Specific responsibilities are included in their job descriptions.