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Although some separating couples can agree child maintenance payments after divorce or separation, we understand that it is not always so straightforward.

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All new claims for child maintenance payments are administrated by the Child Maintenance Service (CMS). You can work out an estimate of how much you or your former partner is liable to pay using the child maintenance calculator. It is up to the ‘non-resident’ parent to pay child maintenance, and the current rates are as follows.

Child Maintenance Rates

Non-resident parents earning up to £800.00 per week will pay:
With one child: 12% of gross income
With two children: 16% of gross income
With three or more children 19% of gross income

Non-resident parents earning between £800.01 and £3000.00 per week will pay:
With one child: 9% of gross income
With two children: 12% of gross income
With three or more children 15% of gross income

Important Note: Payments will be reduced by the number of nights where the non-resident parent looks after the children.

Ensuring That Your Children Are Provided For

Child maintenance can also be included in a court order arising from divorce or dissolution, although either parent can apply to the CMS to undertake an assessment after the order has been in existence for more than 12 months. In certain circumstances, however, the court retains the ability to deal with child maintenance, such as costs associated with training or arising from a disability.

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