Cancer Claims

A diagnosis of cancer is always a very difficult issue to deal with. And it can be made significantly worse when medical staff fail to diagnose a patient correctly or provide appropriate treatment at the first time of asking.

Our team of clinical negligence solicitors specialise in cancer claims, particularly those relating to failure to diagnose, or a delay in diagnosis.

For many types of cancer, early diagnosis is crucial to establish a successful treatment plan and give a person the best chance of remission.

A misdiagnosis can have devastating results for the patient through no fault of their own.

It’s essential to seek expert legal advice quickly when it appears that appropriate treatment has been prevented due to misdiagnosis or a delay in diagnosis.

This may be as a result of failure to take a proper history of symptoms, or a failure to properly interpret test results such as MRI and CT scans.

As your trusted legal adviser, we will consider every circumstance of your situation before establishing whether you have a valid claim. This generally includes a full review of all available medical records.

If we decide your claim has a reasonable prospect of success, we will pursue the matter on a no-win-no-fee basis.

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Exceptional service at each stage of your claim

Claims of clinical negligence are often complex and can take months – even years – to resolve. Our expert cancer claims solicitors can manage the claim on your behalf and shoulder any legal stress from start to finish.

Unlike other law firms, we guarantee your case will be handled by a senior member of the Slater Heelis personal injury team, rather than a junior paralegal. This experience is essential to achieve the best possible outcome from any claim of clinical negligence. Rest assured, we’ve supported many individuals and families in your position over the years, so we know how to secure the best available care and compensation.

What our clients say about us…

“Excellent service. The Slater Heelis team were reassuring, professional, patient, sympathetic and also very knowledgeable throughout. Their guidance has been the best I could have hoped for. I’d highly recommend them to resolve tricky legal claims. They take away the worry and anxiety and prioritise your needs. An all round excellent service with great attention to detail and the very best guidance.”

 – Mr. SP, Personal Injury Client

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sue for cancer misdiagnosis?

If you have been offered the wrong treatment or failure to arrange follow ups has led to further illness, perhaps you were wrongly given the all-clear, then you may have grounds for a claim.

Other issues of negligence that may have led to the worsening of your condition could include:

  • Incorrect interpretation of scans or tests
  • Delayed or incorrect diagnosis
  • Failure of a GP to refer for further testing
  • Administrative errors leading to missed appointments
  • Issues with medication

What happens if you are misdiagnosed with cancer?

If a medical professional thinks you have a different illness to cancer, precious time on early treatment to help treat it before it worsens, can be lost.

As such, this can lead to the spreading and increasing severity of cancer which would be detrimental to a person’s health and their chance of full recovery.

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