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In the UK, one in four women and one in six men will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime.

We understand how hard and complex domestic abuse can be. Supporting, safeguarding, and reaching the best legal outcome for those affected is our team's mission.

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Domestic abuse takes many different forms. It includes not only domestic violence, but also emotional/financial abuse and controlling behaviour. Not only that, but the relationship someone has with their abuser can be complex. Our family law solicitors understand this and will always act in a sensitive and understanding way to ensure the best result for you.

Domestic Abuse-Related Orders

There are various emergency applications which can be made to protect you and your children. Occupation orders can be obtained to exclude or restrict your partner’s occupation of the family home. Non-molestation orders can also be used to provide personal protection from abusive behaviour. Both orders can be obtained on an emergency basis, and we can help you with this. As this is a complex area of law it is vital to have a family lawyer who understands the legal landscape and acts with the utmost care in respect of your concerns.

  • What are the signs of domestic abuse?

    Domestic abuse can take many different forms. Here are the three main signs of someone that may be suffering from an abusive relationship:

    • Behavioural changes (e.g. loss of appetite, interest or sleep)
    • Physical signs of abuse (e.g. black eyes, bruises etc.)
    • Emotional signs of abuse (e.g. depression, fearfulness, anxiety)
  • Can I press criminal charges against my partner?

    With your safety in mind, the police ultimately decide whether to press charges against your partner. The Police can also issue warning notices for harassment and can keep a log of all reported incidents to build a case for pressing charges. If you experience any domestic abuse, informing the police and seeking out a support group is a step towards safeguarding the health of yourself or your children.

    You can also apply to the family court for orders to stop domestic abuse. You can get an injunction to stop harassment and violent behaviour towards you and/or your children. You can also get an order preventing your partner from residing in or approaching the house.

  • Can you divorce a partner on the grounds of domestic abuse?

    Yes, any form of abusive behaviour towards you is sufficient reason to justify seeking a divorce; physical or otherwise. If you’re in need of legal advice, a dedicated member of our team can offer support and guidance throughout the divorce process.

  • Can I stop my partner from having access to the children?

    Access to your child can be legally prevented by court order if the safety and welfare of your child is put at risk. If you’re a victim of domestic abuse, then your child could also be at risk too.

    Witnessing domestic abuse can be emotionally damaging to children, which is specifically mentioned in the legal definition of significant harm to a child.

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