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Family law arbitration is a developing area of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that has a number of advantages over the traditional court process.

Our helpful family lawyers are experts in advising you on the best approach to take for you and your family.

One of the principal advantages that arbitration has over standard court proceedings is the speed at which matters can be resolved.

Instead of waiting for the Family Court’s standard timetable, you and your former spouse can arrange arbitration sessions at your mutual convenience.

Our arbitration lawyers are highly experienced and specially qualified family lawyers who act in a similar role to a judge. Parties can choose their own arbitrator.

Parties can even decide which issues to include as part of the arbitration, such as financial settlements and arrangements for children.

This ensures that you stay in control of the process.

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How and Why Arbitration Works

All matters discussed in arbitration are completely confidential and in many cases arbitration can work out significantly cheaper than pursuing a financial settlement through the Family Court.

At the end of your arbitration the arbitrator will make a legally-binding arbitration award. Your solicitor will submit the award to the Family Court to make an order, to ensure that it is enforceable in the future.

Only in very exceptional circumstances will the Family Court decline an arbitration decision.

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