Cyber Crime Solicitors

If you are accused of online criminal activity, it is important to ensure that you have an expert cyber-crime solicitor to guide you through the process.

The realm of cyber-crime is broad-ranging, and there are differing sentences for various extents of crime.

In times of uncertainty, especially when the internet and digital world are involved, it is crucial to seek legal advice from an experienced cyber-crime solicitor.

Technology has advanced rapidly since the turn of the century, and this development means that the laws surrounding cyber-crime have become more complex.

With the rise of social media and advancing technology, new types of crimes and ways of committing them have developed.

New laws have had to be introduced, and so it is important to speak to a cyber-crime solicitor at the earliest opportunity when accused of online criminal activity.

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Categories of criminal activity

The classification of online criminal activity falls into two main categories: cyber-dependent and cyber-enabled crimes.

Cyber-Dependent Crime

Cyber-dependent crimes are committed only through the use of IT, where devices are both the tool for committing the crime and the target of the crime

  • Examples include developing malware for financial gain, or hacking to steal or destroy data and networks

Cyber-Enabled Crimes

Cyber-enabled crimes are traditional crimes that can be increased in scale or reach with the use of IT

  • Fraud, cyber-bullying and trolling, disclosing private sexual images without consent and cyber-stalking are all examples of cyber-enabled crimes
  • Sharing and interacting with indecent imagery of children and extreme pornography are also serious cases of cyber-enabled crime

These lists are non-exhaustive, so if you are accused of committing any kind of crime online, it is vital to gain perspective and advice from a specialist cyber-crime solicitor.

Honest advice from expert solicitors

Any kind of criminal activity can affect prospects for work in the future. With so much at stake, we strongly advise that you seek the help of an experienced professional who can help to get you the best possible outcome.

Our online crime team will be honest and upfront about what you can expect if you are found guilty by the courts, and will work hard on your behalf.

We understand that this will be a difficult time, especially when employment may be at stake, but we are with you every step of the way. If you need to speak to a cyber-crime solicitor about a case, contact us today on 0161 969 3131 or fill in our online contact form to arrange a consultation.

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