Slips, Trips & Falls

If you’ve suffered injuries through slips, trips and falls, our team of specialist solicitors can help you with your claim.

The personal injury team at Slater Heelis has the experience and the expertise to make sure your claim is successful.

Falls in Public

Local authorities are supposed to make sure that roads and pavements are safe for pedestrians to walk on. They have a duty to put in place a system of inspection and maintenance which complies with the relevant code of practice. If you’ve had a fall because they’ve failed to do that, you can make a claim. We know the arguments local authorities put forward when disputing claims and we know how to deal with them.

Falls at Work

Everyone should be able to work without having to worry about having an accident such as a fall, no matter whether you work in an office or on a building site. Your employer has a legal responsibility to ensure that your working environment is safe and that you are not exposed to the risk of injury. If your employer has failed to make your workplace safe and you are injured as a result, you have the right to claim compensation. If you’ve had to take time off work because of your injuries, you can claim for any loss of earnings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common cause of slips trips and falls?

The most common cause of slips, trips and falls, no matter the context or setting, is wet or slippy surfaces.

Uneven floors are also very common causes.

Should I get a lawyer for a slip and fall?

It is advised that you seek legal expertise to see if you have grounds for a claim. If so, a professional personal injury specialist can help you navigate the claim for the best possible outcome on your behalf.

There are also time limits on some kinds of claims so having a legal expert by your side will ensure everything is managed as efficiently as possible.

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