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At Slater Heelis, we understand the long-term disruption that a serious injury can cause to a person’s work and home life, for both themselves and their family.

If you’ve suffered a serious injury or illness because of somebody else’s negligence at work, on the road or in a public place, it is very important to get advice and support from a solicitor at an early stage.

Our specialist serious injury solicitors draw on decades of experience in relation to brain, spinal cord and many other serious injury claims when providing a clear assessment of your case and prospects of success.

We are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for you, so that you receive the compensation and support you need as soon as possible.

In addition to practical legal advice, we offer peace of mind to our clients that their claim is being dealt with by a team of senior legal experts who have been through the process many times before.

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Putting your health and wellbeing first

Securing substantial compensation for clients is of course important, but it is only one part of the process.

Our serious injury solicitors place equal emphasis on your rehabilitation and will ensure you have access to first class medical care from the earliest possible stage.

With our support, you will have access to the physiotherapy, surgery or psychological treatment that can make a significant difference to your health and wellbeing, as well as the medical reports necessary to support your claim.

Getting a fair outcome

Naturally, you may be concerned about the financial burden that comes with being absent from work for a prolonged period of time. Our serious injury lawyers work directly with insurance companies to arrange an initial medical assessment, to secure early interim payments and to make sure that Insurers comply with every aspect of The Rehabilitation Code.

As the senior members of our Serious Injury team, Richard Wilson and Stephen Farnworth deal with all types of accident and high-value injury claims. They can meet with you at your home, or at our offices in Sale, to advise and help you and your family after your accident.

Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as a serious injury?

Serious injuries are those that have caused a significant and long term impact to the life of the injured person. This may include brain and spinal cord injuries, amputations, serious burns and fatal accidents.

What is the average pay out for a personal injury claim UK?

The average pay out for a personal injury claim depends on the nature of the injury. Typically, the more serious and the bigger impact on someone’s life, the bigger the payout.

The amount you are entitled to will be unique to you, based on your injury. Rather than looking at average pay outs, it is best to speak with a solicitor.

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