Traffic Commissioner Public Inquiry Solicitors

If you have been called to a Traffic Commissioner Public Inquiry and wish to seek legal representation, our regulatory solicitors can assist.

We understand how important a licence is to operators of heavy goods vehicles and passenger carrying vehicles.

If you are called to attend a Public Inquiry before the Traffic Commissioner you should contact our team of regulatory solicitors at the earliest opportunity.

We represent operators at Public Inquiries when they are applying for a new licence, seeking to vary their licence or are facing regulatory action.

If the Traffic Commissioner has concerns about the use of an operator’s licence, their business can come under heavy scrutiny.

Operators are expected to provide evidence prior to the Inquiry for the Traffic Commissioner to consider when deciding whether to impose sanctions, grant a new licence or vary an existing one.

Our solicitors can assist operators to collect the key documents and evidence that will best help their case at the Inquiry and ensure that they have the correct compliance systems in place.

We can also assist with the drafting of witness statements that can be placed before the Commissioner to consider before the Inquiry takes place. We aim to ensure that all bases are covered.

To contact our regulatory solicitors, please fill in the contact form opposite, or call us on 0161 969 3131.

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What is the Traffic Commissioner and what is a Public Inquiry?

A Traffic Commissioner is responsible for the licensing and regulation of operators of heavy goods vehicles, buses and coaches. They are responsible for such licences in their region and there are currently 8 Traffic Commissioners presiding over:

  • North west of England;
  • West of England;
  • North east of England;
  • West Midlands;
  • East of England;
  • London and the South east;
  • Scotland; and
  • Wales

The Public Inquiry is a formal hearing with the Traffic Commissioner to assist them in deciding their next steps. An operator and their representative will guide the Commissioner through their evidence and will be cross-examined on what they are doing to ensure compliance.

Why have I been called to an Inquiry?

The Traffic Commissioner may have concerns over a variety of aspects to your business which can be placed under review at the Inquiry:

  • The company is not fit to hold a licence or does not have sufficient financial resources to maintain vehicles;
  • Vehicles are not maintained in a fit and serviceable condition;
  • Issues with overloading;
  • Issues with drivers hours regulations

Representation at a Traffic Commissioner Public Inquiry

  • We represent operators at the Public Inquiry to present your information, guide you through the process and submit legal arguments on your behalf. We can help you to explain what you are doing to improve compliance and maintain fulfilment of the undertakings that were given at the time the licence was applied for.
  • Having your business scrutinised can be a daunting prospect. You and your business will be judged from the moment you enter the Inquiry. We will identify the areas of concern and assist in rectifying them to demonstrate that you are a compliant and fit operator.

What sanctions can the Traffic Commissioner impose?

The Traffic Commissioner has a wide set of powers that can have serious implications on operators. They may:

  • Issue a warning;
  • Refuse to grant a licence;
  • Refuse to vary an existing licence;
  • Attach conditions to a licence;
  • Ask an operator to make new undertakings;
  • Reduce the number of vehicles the company is allowed to operate (“curtailment”);
  • Impose financial penalties;
  • Disqualify an individual or company from having a licence;
  • Suspend a licence for a period of time; or
  • Revoke a licence entirely.

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