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If you, or somebody close, have suffered poor quality treatment at the hands of a medical professional, our clinical negligence solicitors can advise whether you have a claim.

Slater Heelis offer straightforward legal advice at each stage of your clinical negligence claim, no matter how complex it may seem.

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Our negligence specialists understand how clinical errors and malpractice often put significant strain on families, finances, careers, and home life. We’re here to support your recovery and take the stress out of the claim process – from start to finish.

We offer a free initial meeting either at our offices, your home or hospital – or, where this is not possible, by telephone. This allows us to evaluate your claim quickly and offer expert advice on the best course of action.

Once your claim is validated, we then review all relevant medical records and guide you through the clinical negligence claims process in a friendly, sympathetic, and professional manner.

Our solicitors deal with cases involving both the NHS and private sector. We can assist you with the NHS complaints process or private healthcare claims process covered by ISCAS (Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Service), in addition to representation at inquest hearings.

Peace of mind through stressful times

Many clinical negligence claims are a direct result of poor treatment from doctors, dentists, nurses or midwives – though we are able to pursue a negligence claim following malpractice by any healthcare professional.

Whether you are seeking an apology, compensation or an explanation of what happened, we will deal with your claim in a proactive and efficient manner. We also support your full recovery by helping you access expert analysis and treatment.

It’s important to act as quickly as possible, preferably within three years of an incident, to ensure we can progress your claim and secure early interim payments where due.

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“Excellent service. The Slater Heelis team were reassuring, professional, patient, sympathetic and also very knowledgeable throughout. Their guidance has been the best I could have hoped for. I’d highly recommend them to resolve tricky legal claims. They take away the worry and anxiety and prioritise your needs. An all round excellent service with great attention to detail and the very best guidance.”

Mr. SP, Personal Injury Client

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