Contract Dispute Resolution

Most legally binding relationships are governed by contracts. Not all contracts take the form of detailed written documents – some are established through conversations and handshakes.

When one party fails to do what they have agreed to do in the contract, whether the contract is a 100-page document or an unrecorded verbal agreement, this becomes a contract dispute, and must be dealt with properly.

We are contract dispute resolution specialists.

How can we help?

We will firstly help you establish exactly when you entered into the contract and what the contract stipulated.

We can then advise you on how to proceed, in order to ensure that the agreement is adhered to in the future.

If required, we can act on your behalf in resolving the dispute.

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Experts in Dispute Resolution

Our contract dispute solicitors approach every case by employing the most appropriate dispute resolution method.

Many disagreements can be solved through careful negotiation at a roundtable meeting, others have to be settled through formal mediation (where a professional mediator brokers a deal between you and the other party), while some require court proceedings.

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