Residential Property Disputes

We are well connected with industry experts to help resolve residential property disputes.

You and your family spend a lot of time at home and it is probably your most valuable single asset, and when problems or disputes arise that affect your property, things can become overwhelming.

When it comes to residential property disputes, our specialist litigation team can help.

The scope of our work covers everything from disputes over boundaries, boundary fences, hedges and rights of way, Party Wall Act issues, Right to Light matters, disagreements regarding shared land or property and neighbour disputes.

What sets our residential property dispute experts apart from others is that we have a specialist legal team and valuable connections within the industry who have specialist expertise in this specific area of law.

For example, we have access to a panel of specialist boundary surveyors, historical Ordnance survey and mapping resources and aerial photography records.

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Types of residential property dispute

Here is an indication of the kinds of residential property disputes our team can support you through:

  • Neighbour and Boundary disputes
  • Right of Way disputes
  • Disputes regarding fences, walls and boundary structures
  • Boundary planting disputes
  • Issues regarding trees and notable plants
  • Right of light disputes
  • Disputes regarding shared buildings and land

Seeking legal advice

If your dispute cannot be easily resolved between the relevant parties, you may choose to leave it and simply try to deal with the ongoing issue. Is this the best thing to do, though?

If you are in your forever home, could you deal with the issue for the rest of your time living in the house?

Perhaps you are planning on moving house in the future, whether soon  or in a few years’ time. Disputes have to be disclosed to prospective purchasers and failure to do so might render you liable for legal action well after the sale of your home has completed.

Failure to rectify your dispute could impact on the saleability and, in turn, the value of your house. Many disputes of the sort we deal with, even those that seem relatively minor, could render your home unsaleable.

It usually makes good sense  to resolve the dispute at the earliest opportunity to reap the rewards later, or risk losing more on the sale of your property.

Why appoint Slater Heelis?

Often, cases regarding residential property disputes can be dismissed by solicitors as being unworthy of attention, and historically have been seen as a nuisance to deal with. There may also be a concern about the cost versus reward value.

Whichever position you are in, it is worth investing in high quality legal advice in order to protect your home.

At Slater Heelis, with specialists in this area of the law, the above is not the case. John Gorner and his team  provide wise, cost-effective and strategically sound advice and guidance for our clients. Agreeing a tailored approach to each situation at the outset is extremely important to us and our clients.

We aim to keep the peace as much as possible between parties by developing a strategic approach to overcoming residential property disputes as opposed to an overly aggressive one.

Where appropriate, we will discuss with you suitable methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution such as mediation, joint settlement meetings, arbitration or early neutral evaluation and insurance solutions  (both “before The event” and “After The Event” insurance policies, to help manage the costs and risks of litigation.

We work with each of our clients to develop a long-term deliverable strategy from the outset so we have clear goals to work towards.

No matter the route we take, we can agree staged work and fees to assist with the costs.

Contact our Dispute Resolution team today using the form at the top of this page, or call us on 0161 969 3131.

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