Offensive Weapon Possession

The possession of an offensive weapon is a serious crime. If convicted, you could face imprisonment, as well as the knock-on effects on your life, family relationships and career prospects. Having a strong defence to lead your case is imperative in this time of uncertainty.

Our Criminal Defence Solicitors are experienced in providing robust representation for clients facing conviction for possession of an offensive weapon. Seeking expert advice at the soonest opportunity provides a greater chance of reaching a fair outcome.

It is a serious crime to carry an offensive weapon. Regardless of whether it is yours, or even with claims of carrying it for somebody else or self-defence, if you are found to be in possession of an offensive weapon, you will be arrested and prosecuted.

What is an offensive weapon?

Knives and guns are the most common offensive weapons, and possession of these will result in serious consequences. Anything beyond just possession of these weapons could lead to life imprisonment, and so it is crucial to be aware of the consequences of crimes linked to offensive weapons.

If accused of possession of an offensive weapon, or any other offence related to them, it is important to seek expert legal advice as soon as possible.

The sooner you speak with a solicitor, the better the chances you have at finding a preferable outcome to work towards.

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Knife Crime

The police state that it is illegal to use any knife, legal or banned, in a threatening manner.

It is a criminal offence to sell a knife of any kind to persons under 18 or carry a knife in public without good reason, unless it has a 3-inch folding blade, such as a Swiss Army Knife.

The possession, sale or purchase of any kind of banned knife is illegal. This includes swords, disguised knives, zombie knives and stealth knives.

If you are charged with carrying a knife, even if it is not used, you could face up to 4 years’ imprisonment.

Good Reason

 Acceptable ‘good reasons’ to carry a knife in public can include the transportation of knives you use at work; taking knives to be exhibited at a gallery or museum; or if it will be used for religious purposes, theatre, film or television.

The courts will decide if you have good reason to carry a knife in public.

Guns and Imitation Guns

To possess, purchase or acquire a firearm of any kind, you will need a firearms certificate issued by the police, which you should be able to present if questioned. You also must have a certificate to buy ammunition.

Possession of an offensive weapon such as a firearm, shotgun or any other dangerous air-weapons can lead to arrest and prosecution.

There is a minimum 5-year prison sentence for anybody over 18 found in illegal possession of a gun.

Some firearms are completely prohibited, and only with authority of the Home Secretary can certain people possess these.

It is against the law for persons under 18 to buy an imitation firearm, just as it is an offence to sell one to somebody under 18.

Experienced Criminal Defence Solicitors

We believe that everybody is entitled to a defence, and so, making contact with our criminal defence team at the first opportunity is crucial to your case.

Our head of Crime & Regulatory, Rachel Fletcher, has over 12 years of broad-ranging experience across all forms of criminal offences, and so you can rest assured that she will help you towards an outcome which is fair and realistic.

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