Landlord and Tenant Dispute Solicitors

We can advise you as either a landlord or a tenant, and whether the property and lease in question are commercial or residential.

Friction between tenants and landlords is not uncommon, but in some cases, you will need the advice and support of a legal professional.

Our aim is always to resolve the dispute for you as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Our specialists are highly experienced in a number of ways to resolve landlord and tenant disputes: roundtable negotiation, formal mediation, or court proceedings.

We always pursue the most appropriate method based on the context of the matter.

Our experienced landlord and tenant dispute resolution solicitors will sit down with you, discuss your situation and then advise you on the best course of action.

If necessary, we can act on your behalf to resolve the dispute formally.

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Commercial Disputes

We deal with many landlord and tenant disputes relating to commercial properties, these commonly include:

  • Dilapidation claims – when damage or disrepair is discovered by the landlord, commonly at the end of the lease
  • Breach of covenant – when a tenant fails to comply with the terms of the lease
  • Commercial rent arrears recovery (CRAR) – helping you recover unpaid rent by serving prior notice of seizure to the tenant
  • Forfeiture and recovery of possession – taking your property back if the tenant fails to pay rent or breaches covenants
  • Lease renewal disputes
  • Rent review disputes
  • Service charge disputes/recovery

Residential Disputes

Renting domestic properties is commonplace in the UK now. As a result, legal issues between tenants and landlords are more frequent than ever, including:

  • Breach of covenant – when a tenant fails to comply with the terms of the lease
  • Possession claims – taking back the property if rent is not paid or covenants not performed
  • Service charge disputes/recovery

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