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The full disclosure of your assets in a divorce is essential to a fair outcome, if you suspect your former partner isn’t complying, our experts are here to help you find resolution through asset tracing.

Tracing and securing all the financial assets of your partner ensures you put all the relevant information in front of the courts, which is vital for achieving a fair outcome.

In some divorce cases a party who seeks to limit financial liability to their former partner will try to conceal assets in businesses, property, trusts, and hedge funds.

Often, but not always, these assets are held offshore, making asset tracing an important element of the process.

The concealment of assets by any method is likely to constitute fraud, as one of the key documents in financial settlement proceedings (the Form E) requires parties to give ‘full, frank and clear disclosure’ and warns that criminal proceedings can be brought in the event that a party has been ‘deliberately untruthful’.

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In the event that you suspect your former partner of hiding assets, our family solicitors are experts in asset tracing.

Where appropriate, our specialist asset tracing lawyers will instruct forensic accountants to ensure that any relevant information is put before the Family Court.

Recent case law has confirmed the significance of the validity of financial settlements where assets have been hidden.

Asset Tracing with our Family Team

To ensure a fair outcome, it is vital that where significant assets are concerned you have an experienced legal team dealing with your matter.

If necessary, our experienced asset tracing solicitors will advise as to your options to freeze assets by way of an injunction.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team, and we will do all that we can for you.

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