Criminal Defence Solicitors

Our criminal defence solicitors are here to fight your corner and to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Being investigated or charged by the police for a criminal offence is a daunting prospect for anyone – regardless of the circumstances.

We have successfully represented thousands of defendants, always offering straightforward legal advice at every turn.

Many of our clients have no prior experience in dealing with the police or court proceedings and are therefore looking to rely on the support of a senior lawyer, making us a natural choice for those who do not wish to rely on legal aid.

The personal service and technical expertise offered by our Criminal Defence solicitors is second to none.

We’re here to listen to your situation and weigh up every available option before moving forward on your best course of action.

You can rest assured that your case will always be handled by an experienced criminal defence lawyer, never a junior paralegal.

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A complete range of criminal law support

As a full-service department, our criminal defence solicitors advise on all aspects of criminal investigations. We have seen it all, and so you can rest assured that you are in capable hands.

We have worked with clients across the whole spectrum, and there is no allegation too big or too small for us to help you through. Our criminal lawyers are extremely experienced, spanning from speeding and motoring offences to assault, robbery, fraud, money laundering, extradition, drug-related offences, sexual offences, GBH, murder and manslaughter.

Whether you have been invited to a voluntary police interview, are facing arrest or are unsure whether to plead guilty to an allegation, you can trust in our team to weigh up all options and fight for the best possible outcome for you.

Peace of mind when you need it most

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service for every client we represent and easing the burden of stress wherever possible. Our solicitors are more than happy to arrange an initial consultation at our offices in Manchester, Sale or from another location that suits you. We also offer a call-out service for those detained in police custody.

Please note that we do not offer our services through legal aid. We feel that we can provide a better service and most importantly, get better results, when we have the freedom to advise and defend you properly.

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If you’re facing police investigation or criminal charges then it’s essential to seek the advice from an experienced criminal defence lawyer as soon as possible. By acting early, this allows us to build the strongest possible case in your favour.

Our criminal defence team comes extremely highly recommended by our clients on Review Solicitors. Rachel Fletcher who heads up the team is brilliant at getting results for her clients, all while being approachable, understanding and going above and beyond.

If you need to speak to an expert business crime and regulation solicitor, contact our team today on 0161 969 3131 or simply fill in our online contact form to arrange an initial consultation.

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Client Satisfaction

“Rachel with her passion and knowledge worked commendably to uncover the falsity of allegations by getting transcripts from the Police and compiling all the evidence and witness statements in order to disprove them.

She raised insurmountable defence and prepared me for the trial. I was totally impressed that no stone was left unturned to fight my case. Moreover, with Rachel’s proficiency, I was found not-guilty at the first trial itself. Rachel was not just focussed on the case but was very empathetic for which I will always be grateful!

If it was not for Rachel, I may have lost my job, my otherwise spotless record may have been tarnished. Most importantly winning this case will greatly enhance my ability to establish contact with my son sooner than expected.”

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