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Accidents Abroad

Helping you after your accident abroad

If you’ve had an accident or become unwell in a foreign country while on a package holiday, you may be able to claim compensation for your pain, suffering and financial losses. Our specialist personal injury lawyers have years of experience in handling claims for accidents abroad, and will quickly get yours moving. We understand that you want to resume your life as soon as possible, and we are here to make that happen.

Are You Entitled to Make a Claim?

You have the right to make a claim under the Package travel regulations, if you have suffered any injury or illness that could have been prevented by either your holiday provider or hotel staff. The Package travel regulations also apply to business trips and school excursions, because transport and accommodation are usually provided in those situations.

The Duties of Package Holiday Providers

The Package travel regulations require holiday providers to act in a way which does not expose you to the risk of suffering illness or injury. Of course, when we make a claim for you, we will make sure you are fully compensated for any injuries or illness, and any financial losses reasonably incurred by you or other members of your party. We will tell you whether your travel arrangement will be classed as a package holiday, but generally speaking a package holiday consists of a pre-arranged combination of two or more of the following:
  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Any other tourist services which represent a significant proportion of the holiday


Injuries on holiday are commonly caused by slips, trips and falls or whilst on excursions or during holiday sporting activities.

Food Poisoning

We also make claims for clients who get food poisoning after dining in their hotel or in other restaurants. If you’ve had an accident or contracted an illness abroad, we can make a claim for:
  • Injuries (including food poisoning)
  • Medical expenses
  • Transport costs
  • Loss of enjoyment of the holiday

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