During court proceedings involving children, a judge may appoint a CAFCASS officer to prepare a report to advise on and assist the court in determining a variety of issues.

An officer from CAFCASS can advise on which parent the children should live with, or how much time they should spend with the other parent, for example.

The purpose of CAFCASS is to ensure that there is an impartial view in respect of the children’s best interests that is available to the judge.

CAFCASS is completely unrelated to local authority social services departments.

The organisation can only become involved in a case as a result of a judge’s request.

On referral, CAFCASS will carry out standard safeguarding checks to ascertain whether there have been any welfare issues reported to the police or the local authority in respect of your children.

In most cases the CAFCASS officer will work with a separate solicitor (i.e. one who is not acting for either you or your partner).

Further information on what CAFCASS does following referral by a judge is available on the CAFCASS website.

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