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Setting up a trust is a great way to protect your assets and hold onto them for loved ones. Our team of Trust Solicitors will guide you through the whole process and ensure your money is used in the way you intended.

A trust is a way of managing money, investments, land or property for you or your loved ones.

A trustee is appointed to look after the trust and they are in control of these assets for the beneficiary. The trustee will follow the instructions you have set out even after you pass away.

Our team of Trust Solicitors are experts in all aspects of trusts and can easily guide you through the whole process.

Many of our Solicitors are STEP qualified which is a benchmark many solicitors strive for.

With this extra qualification, they can provide a higher level of service and can help with the most complex of trusts.

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What are trusts for?

Trusts are set up for a number of different reasons, including:

  • To control and protect family assets
  • To look after assets for someone who is too young
  • To look after assets for a person who is incapacitated
  • To pass on assets while you’re alive
  • To pass on assets upon death
  • To manage personal injury compensation
  • Under the rules of intestacy/ if someone dies without a Will

What is a settlor?

If you set up the Trust, you are the settlor. This process is known as ‘settling’ the assets in the trust. The settlor decides how the assets can be used and who benefits from the trust.

Who can be a beneficiary?

A settlor can choose anyone to be the beneficiary. They may choose an individual person or a group of people.

The beneficiary may be:

  • A named individual
  • A class of people such as ‘my children’
  • A charity
  • A body of people such as a club or a company

How do I set up a trust?

Setting up a trust is not an easy process and the wording must be precise. This is where our experienced Trust Solicitors can provide their expertise. Several of our Solicitors are STEP qualified so can help with even the most complex of trusts.

There are various kinds of trusts and our Trust Solicitors can walk you through each.

The different types include:

  • Lifetime trusts
  • Life interest trusts
  • Will trusts
  • Compensation protection trusts

We will arrange a time to speak with you to gain a full understanding of your assets, how you would like them to be managed and distributed. All these details will be stored in a document called a ‘declaration of trust’.


  • What can you put into a trust?
  • What if a trust and a will are conflicted?

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