Testimonial for Rachel Fletcher – Crime & Regulatory

October 24, 2019, By

Speeding (100mph) and Driving with No Insurance – Leicester
Magistrates Court – Result – 8 points

I had time to reminisce and reflect on everything yesterday. Even though it is not good to be out of pocket and now restricted to driving carefully now, and actually doing 30 MPH in a 30 MPH zone :), I only have myself to blame and if I did not have your support and guidance throughout the whole process I seriously do not know how I would have got through this. Adding to that, I will also like to just thank you also for the payment flexibility that you offered me, which meant that I could actually pay for your support.

Rachel was amazing yesterday, I think we can both conclude that we got the outcome most desired and I have definitely learned my lesson.

However, if for any reason I do find myself in another predicament (I really do hope not), then I am pleased to say that you 100% have a loyal Customer and you’ll be the first person that I contact.

Mr A