Mediation Solicitors

Our family mediation service provides you with professional, impartial mediators to help you and your partner work together to make decisions about your lives after you split up.

Why Choose Mediation

If you and your partner or spouse have decided to separate or divorce, family mediation is a way to resolve any disputes privately without going to court. This can be in relation to post-divorce arrangements for children, money or the practicalities of how life will work in the future. We are here to support you and your partner in working together to reach a decision about your lives after you decide to separate.

How Family Mediation Works

Family mediators should be contacted after you have reached your decision to divorce or separate. Mediation sessions are very different to marriage counselling. The aim is not to reconcile your relationship (although reconciliation might be an outcome), but to work out how the divorce/separation will work, and what will happen after the separation.

The Benefits of the Mediation Process

One of the benefits of family mediation is that it can improve communication between you and your former partner, leading to better relations post–separation if you need to remain in contact, especially where there are children. If you think that mediation might be the right process for you and your former partner, the first step is to contact our mediators to discuss your situation; they will provide information and answer any questions you might have. The mediator will ask your former partner to make contact so that the same information can be provided to him or her. Assuming mediation is appropriate, the mediator will arrange individual meetings with you and your former partner before any joint sessions take place.

Call Our Family Team for Advice Today

We have qualified mediators that can advise you on any matters relating to mediation or matrimonial law. Please contact the team in our Sale or Manchester city centre locations on 0161 969 3131 or email a member of the team.

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