Q – Does my elderly aunt need to make a Lasting Power of Attorney as she only owns her house and a modest amount of capital?

October 3, 2017, By

A –Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) are not exclusively for elderly people, although many people do not consider making one until they are beyond retirement age. There are two types of LPA Finance and Property and Health and Welfare. It is very important to consider who would look after your aunt’s affairs, both financial and health-wise should she become unable for any reason to manage them herself, particularly if she were to lose mental capacity. It is important she feels secure in the knowledge she has appointed Attorneys she trusts completely to look after her affairs for her benefit.  A lawyer is best placed to advise your aunt on the implications of making an LPA of either type and will discuss with her what is covered and how they work in practice.  Slater Heelis has a number of lawyers who have the necessary skills and experience to advise your aunt and to prepare documentation for her.