BA Data Breach

September 10, 2018, By

British Airways has promised to compensate customers after 380,000 payments cards have been compromised after what the Company are calling a “sophisticated” theft of data from the BA website and app over a two week period from 10.58pm on 21 August 2018 to 9.45pm on 5 September 2018.

The data breach was identified, according to BA, when “a third party noticed some unusual activity and informed us about it”. The airline informed the police and the Information Commissioner.

BA has contacted all customers who made transactions during this period to ensure they contact their card providers and follow instructions as to how to manage this breach of data.

This data theft is one of the most serious to hit a UK company and will deal another blow to BA’s reputation following an IT incident which affected thousands of passengers in May 2017.

The Information Commissioners Office is investigating the breach and the airline could potentially be fined if it is found that they have failed to comply with their security obligations.