Chris, Managing Partner, Tackles 100k May for Charity

May 21, 2020, By

This month, our Managing Partner, Chris Bishop, is taking part in “100k May”. Over the course of the month he will have run the equivalent of over 2 marathons to raise money for Helping Uganda Schools.

Chris and the firm are looking to help build a dormitory at the Little Shepherd primary school in Rutunguru for 100 girls aged between 5 and 11, with accommodation for staff to protect them. There will be a study area, with electric lighting to allow for studying to continue into the evening.  They want to help create a lively, safe and liberating environment for these girls, where they will be supported by well educated women. The school will provide better food, safer living and raise expectations.

About his fundraising, Chris, who has for 16 years been a trustee and fundraiser for the charity, said:

“I started fundraising for HUGS after my dad died, because it was a charity he supported and I wanted to do something positive in his memory. It has so happened that each time there has been a large trauma in my life, I have turned to organising big fundraising challenges for this wonderful charity in memory of my loved ones. This has proved cathartic whilst creating a positive, sustainable outcome.

The difference this time is that it’s more than just personal; it is a global pandemic. Hearing updates from Uganda and how they are being treated during their very strict lockdown, unable to earn the basic money to live, really puts everything my situation into perspective.”

Lockdown in Uganda

While HUGS works to create a safe space for children to learn and thrive, throughout this global pandemic the people of Uganda are facing terrible living circumstances. Without an income, there is no safety net and they cannot eat, but if they leave their homes to get food, they risk being confronted by the police.

Aside from a focus on supporting gender equality, HUGS is also supporting projects which help build sustainable, self-sufficient schools for people with disabilities. This is all reliant on the generous donations of supporters.

Click here to see Chris’ fundraising page, to learn more about the charity and its cause.

Thank you in advance for all donations, big and small, to support the school children through my #100kMay – Chris