Testimonial for Camilla Thornberry – Commercial Property

November 6, 2019, By

Firstly I want to say how refreshing it is to deal with a firm that puts the quality of their service first and foremost.  I know every firm says that but most of them are just about the fee, and you can tell.

Secondly I want to complement Camilla Thornberry on the outstanding service she has provided to me.  In particular I like the fact she is always available on the other end of the phone and is happy to take the time to explain any queries I may have but at the same time remaining professional so the discussion is just about the matter in hand.  She is diligent and has good attention to detail.  More importantly she cares and it shows.

At a meeting at your offices, when challenged about some of the wording in lease by our very experienced block managing agents, Camilla was able to defend the lease that had been drawn up and explain to them why it was worded the way it was and how relevant it was to current practise.

All in all, I am delighted with the service and would have no hesitation in recommending Slater Heelis and Camilla.  To which I have already done.

Definitely Slater Heelis have a theme going on here in that this is an almost duplicate of the testimonial I sent to Will Henson about one of his team.  Apologies for the repetition.

Julian Wood
West Didsbury Village Limited