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We have a compact team with lots of experience in visa and immigration matters, who can advise on Spouse & Visitor Declarations.

We understand that the process of applying for both Spouse and Visitor Visas can be complex, challenging and stressful.

There are many things to consider as part of a visa application and you want to ensure that it is correct and contains the right supporting documents so that you have the best chance of success.

Our immigration support team can advise on certain aspects of the application.

Immigration Support Services We Provide

Below are the elements of visa applications that our immigration support team can help you with. Read on through this page to find more information about the services and costs associated with each of them.

  • Spouse Declarations
  • Visitor Declarations
  • Appeals in Spouse or Visitor Declarations
  • Assistance with applications in respect of Spouse or Visitor Declarations

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Our Fees

Please find a summary below of our fees.

We offer fixed fees in relation to some of the services we provide, however, there are some fees which will be charged on a time-spent basis (these fees are marked in the summary below by an asterisk*).

This is because we are less certain of how much time we will spend dealing with such matters.

The amount of time we might spend will vary depending on your circumstances and the complexities involved.

We have, however, provided a range of likely costs and we endeavour not to exceed that estimate where possible.

Where we are instructed to act for you in connection with a matter where a fixed fee does not apply, we will provide a more detailed estimate of our costs to you at the outset of the matter, when we have had chance to consider your situation in detail.

Hourly Charges

Where a fixed fee does not apply we record the time that we spend on your matter and charge according to that time.  We have detailed the hourly rates of members of our team below.

Partners – £300 an hour plus VAT

Associate Solicitors – £225 to £250 an hour plus VAT

Associate CILEx. Lawyers – £225 an hour plus VAT


We do not generally incur any disbursements (expenses we incur on your behalf) in relation to our Immigration Support Services.  However, we would confirm to you before incurring any disbursements on your behalf the amount and any VAT payable.

VAT on our Fees

VAT is payable at a rate of 20% in respect of all of our Fees.  VAT is payable because we would be acting for the Sponsor by assisting them either prepare their visitor or spouse sponsorship declaration in the UK for them to then provide to their visitor/ spouse (applicant outside this country).   We do not currently provide legal services in respect of immigration work to the non-resident party.  Our services would be provided to the resident sponsor.


Spouse Declarations


Assistance with your sponsorship declaration

  Standard level of Service
       £750 plus VAT
Where you are Self-Employed
       £1,250 plus VAT
Enhanced level of Service (checking the documentation)
       £1,500 plus VAT
Enhanced level where you are Self-Employed
       £2,000 plus VAT
Assistance with completing the Application
       £1,200 – £1,500* plus VAT

Visitor Declarations


Assistance with preparing the Visa Sponsorship Declaration (not including advice)

         £500 plus VAT
  Advice in relation to the Visa Sponsorship Declaration
         £500 plus VAT

Where a Spouse or Visitor Application is refused 


Initial advice in relation to whether an appeal is possible and guidance on next steps

         £1,500 – £2,000* plus VAT
  Assistance with the appeals process
         £750 – £1,250* plus VAT
  Advice in relation to the appeals process
         Up to £2,000* plus VAT.

Spouse Sponsorship Declarations

A Spouse Visa is for individuals who are married to a person settled in the UK and who is not subject to any immigration control.

Dealing with a Spouse Visa Application to enter the UK for the purpose of joining your Spouse can be a daunting task.  We can help you with various elements of the required supporting evidence you may need to provide in your sponsorship declaration to support your spouse or visitors application.

At the standard level of this service, our experienced spouse visa solicitors will consider all of the paperwork provided and produce a Declaration exhibiting it which will support the intended Spouse Visa Application in the local country.  It costs a flat fee of £750 plus VAT and does not include our team checking that information is correct or sufficient.  This is also subject to it being a first application.  If you are instructing us after a Refusal and you want to then avail yourself of this service then the cost may be higher than the base fee referred to.  This would have to be considered at the time of instruction.  If you are self-employed then the fee will be £1,250 plus VAT.

If you would like us to check that the documentation complies with the Immigration Rules and provides all the required information, an extra cost will be associated. The cost for this level of service is £1,500 plus VAT (subject to the volume of paperwork and as long it is a first application). If you are self-employed then the fee will be £2,000 plus VAT.

If you require assistance in completing the application because you are helping your proposed visitor/spouse to do so, our additional fees for that support are between £1,200 to £1,500 plus VAT depending on the amount of time required.

Visitor Sponsorship Declarations

There are a variety of reasons why you may require a family Visitor Visa.  Full information and eligibility can be found on the website.  If you do require a visa, our team can provide a Visitor Sponsorship Declaration as part of your support for the particular family member who is making the application to visit you, for a cost of £500 plus VAT.  This is a simple production of the Sponsorship Declaration which will refer to the Sponsor and Applicant/visitor supporting details and documentation, provided by you to us.

If any advice is required in relation to documentation and details provided in the proposed Visitor Sponsorship Declaration or the Application to which it will relate, there would be an additional charge in order for our team to manage this, at an extra £500 plus VAT.

Appeals if Refused

If you have had an application for a Spouse or Visitor Visa refused, then our Immigration Team can provide initial guidance as to whether an appeal should/or could take place. An alternative approach may be, and many times a wise one, for you to resubmit the Application. This will be discussed with you to decide on the next steps.

Advice in respect of this would cost between £1,500 to £2,000 plus VAT, depending on the complexity of the matter or you could approach a direct Access Barrister yourself, to save costs.

Assistance with Applications

This extra assistance is subject to whether advice is also required.  Costs associated with this type of support will vary depending on the amount of time spent on them, but an indication of pricing can be seen here.

Expert assistance through these applications can vary between £750 and £1,250 plus VAT.

If advice is required alongside this, then the cost could be anywhere up to £2,000 plus VAT.

Legal Guidance with Appeals

In many instances where appeals are concerned, clients are referred to direct access Barristers and are given the option as to whether they want to instruct the Barrister for advice in respect of refusal type situations, as referred to above.

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