Will Writing, with a Positive and Personal Touch

Life is full of incredible memorable milestones. We may all be working toward different milestones, but they are special to each of us individually.

From buying a new home to moving in with your partner, getting out of a relationship, to starting or selling a business, there are many key points in our lives that can change our priorities.


We believe that a will is the most important document you will sign in your life. It is special. It will eventually speak on your behalf, so you want to be ensure that your voice and wishes are heard.


Passing through each milestone in our lives, we have new things to look after and think about, be it ourselves, our family or our finances. Whether you are welcoming more people or assets into your life, or parting ways with things better left in the past, you want to make sure that, if anything did happen to you, the right people and causes would be provided for.


A sense of joy and relief

At Slater Heelis, we are all about the reassurance and the personal touch. The joy and relief that having an up-to-date will which caters for your nearest and dearest is something special. Once it’s done, you can carry on life as usual until you hit the next exciting milestone and then can amend it accordingly if necessary.


We are working to change the rhetoric on writing a will. Read up on why we think it is a positive, and often uplifting experience here.


If it’s time you wrote, or updated your will, talk to us. Fill in the form at the top of the page and we will be in touch.

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