Testimonial – Residential Property

October 1, 2013, By

If anyone understands the importance of delivering exceptional service, Peter Evans does.

In his professional life, Peter is a management consultant, advising clients on how to use technology to resolve their business issues. Building trust and offering in-depth expertise is critically important to the long-term success of his client relationships. “Client loyalty comes as a direct result of how someone perceives they have been treated; it’s hard to gain and very easy to loose”, he says.

A chance meeting with Edward Michell, partner at Slater Heelis, resulted in the law firm acting for him on the conveyancing for a house move. Since then, Peter has relied on the firm’s legal experts for a wide range of private matters, including four subsequent house transactions; two complex probate cases; a driving offence; advice on employment rights, his divorce and a review of his will and estate planning requirements.

Peter comments, “I could have shopped around every time I needed legal advice. I have never felt any desire to because I have developed a great deal of trust in the quality of the advice I receive. I also really appreciate the way that I have always been treated. For example, with my driving case,  Chris Bishop clearly outlined the options for my defence, with the associated pros and cons of each. Therefore, I felt totally comfortable with the approach we agreed to take.”

He continues, “Consistency across the firm is important, too. I brought the first probate matter to the firm because I wasn’t getting the service or advice that I expected from another firm who had been my deceased relative’s solicitors. From experience in other areas, I was confident that the probate work would be just as good. I was right:  Kate Barlow quickly clarified what options were available to our family, and immediately made things happen. This gave me and my family the assurance that we needed and removed the concerns that had been building up.”

As a firm, Slater Heelis places an emphasis on delivering expert legal advice and a proactive, friendly service to all clients. “We want to ensure that we exceed our clients’ expectations because gaining their long-term loyalty is very important to us,” says Mike Fox, managing partner at the firm. “We meet every legal need for private clients, from first house purchase to estate and probate matters. But we know that service and quality of advice is what will keep our clients coming back to us.”

Peter says, “To me, feeling totally assured that I am getting a thoroughly professional service is the most important criteria. By this, I mean clear, straightforward and objective information, appropriate advice and guidance, delivered in an authoritative but engaging manner. If Slater Heelis didn’t deliver on this, I would have no reason to stay with them. I am delighted to say that I am very comfortable to keep coming back.”

Peter Evans, Management Consultant