Testimonial – Litigation & Dispute Resolution

October 1, 2013, By

Much appreciated

The principal reason we have used and continue to use Slater Heelis in all cases of minor disputes is the advice given is practical, timely and commercial.  When detailed responses are needed we get them in an agreed format and to agreed deadlines but when quick “heads up” are required we get verbal responses which we can act on immediately.

Most value

When lawyers are involved it tends to be because the relationship with the supplier / administrator has reached an impass and both sides simply want to pay what is fair and just.  The added value Slater Heelis offer is to ensure decisions are made using the head and not the heart.

Difference to our business

In the major issues Slater Heelis have dealt with on our behalf they have run the entire process only involving management when additional information / clarity is needed.  This has freed up immeasurable management time and allowed us to get on with running the business.

Adrian Green of Individual Restaurants