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British start-up concludes £130,000 crowdfunding to develop smart tech for asthma sufferers

October 28, 2020, By

British digital health start-up Clin-e-cal has concluded a raise of over £130,000 with leading crowdfunding platform Crowdcube to fund the commercialisation and scale-up of its smart inhaler monitoring technology. The Crowdcube completion was concluded on 26th October 2020, and was handled by Rhian Owen of Slater Heelis Solicitors.

Clin-e-cal’s smartphone apps use unique SoundResponse® technology, which analyses sound signals associated with the inhaler device. The apps then use these sound signals to provide real-time visual feedback to users on their inhalation technique, as well as tracking their adherence.

“It is fantastic to have received such great support from the crowd, we exceeded our original funding target by more than 250%. This funding will allow us to move forward with the scale-up of our existing Rafi-Tone smartphone app, and to commercialise our new Clip-Tone app technology to help adults with asthma and other respiratory diseases. We believe that our technology can make a huge difference to both inhaler technique and respiratory disease outcomes, and it is very exciting to be able to move forwards and make our technology available to more people across the world.”

– Dr Elizabeth Crawford, CEO, Clin-e-cal

Why this new tech?

Improving inhaler technique has long been highlighted as a key way to reduce serious asthma complications and deaths. The UK has some of the worst asthma death rates in Europe, and three people in the UK die from an asthma attack every day. A recent report into asthma deaths in the UK also found that 22% of people in the study were not using their inhaler correctly.

Clin-e-cal’s Rafi-Tone app, launched in 2016, is the first technology-based solution to address the distress and panic that many children feel when taking their inhaler medication. The app was originally developed by a University of Manchester academic, Professor Tariq Aslam, to help his son, Rafi, by using specially designed games and cartoons to encourage and monitor correct inhaler technique. Rafi Robot, the star of the app, helps to engage the child whilst promoting effective inhaler technique through a series of fun games.

Clin-e-cal has also developed its Clip-Tone app, in partnership with leading medical device manufacturers, to help adults to monitor and improve their inhaler technique. Clip-Tone consists of a low-cost attachment, which clips to the top of an inhaler and generates a gentle whistling sound when the inhaler is used, and the Clip-Tone Buddy smartphone app. A study presented at the European Respiratory Society conference in September 2020 shows that the Clip-Tone® smart inhaler technology is helpful for inhaler users, and guides them to improve their inhaler technique.

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