Selling a Property

Selling a property is a big financial commitment and can be particularly daunting, so it is important that you enlist specialist solicitors that can help you navigate property law.

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‘Conveyancing’ is the term for legal transfer of property from the seller to the buyer, and it is a complex process no matter how many times you have sold a property. At Slater Heelis, our expert team of residential property solicitors are here to ensure the sale runs as smoothly and stress-free as possible. We will be on hand to answer any questions throughout the process, with the aim of preventing delays so that the full transaction is completed quickly and efficiently.

The Legal Aspects of a Contract

As the seller you are responsible for creating a legal contract that transfers ownership to the buyer. One of our experienced solicitors will work alongside you to draft this contract, making sure that all the correct information is included, such as:

  • Sale price and sale completion date
  • The property boundaries
  • Planning restrictions
  • Which fixtures and fittings are included
  • Any services to the property, like drainage or gas
  • Any legal restrictions or rights (e.g. public footpaths) that act as rules about using the property

After the contract is finalised and has been approved by both yourself and the buyer, a solicitor will oversee the signing of the final, legally binding contract.

The Process of Completing a Sale

Once contracts have been exchanged, it is your duty as a seller to transfer ownership to the buyer and vacate the property on the agreed completion date. Any outstanding mortgage on the property can be paid off using the proceeds of the sale. One of our solicitors will be available to guide you through these stages, and to resolve any complications that may arise before this time – for example, if the buyer does not end up completing the purchase.

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