Whether you are planning to remortgage in order to receive more flexibility, enjoy a better interest rate, or to consolidate debt, the team at Slater Heelis can help you.

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Our expert solicitors can guide you through the legal process of paying off your existing mortgage and switching lenders. Our solicitors handle all of the legal paperwork throughout the full remortgaging process, ensuring that it runs as efficiently and quickly as possible.

How Our Solicitors Can Help

Once we have obtained all the relevant paperwork from your previous lender, we will assess the value of your present mortgage and report to you any outstanding sums. You may be required to pay an exit fee (also known as a redemption charge) to switch to another lender. We will then thoroughly check the details of your new mortgage to ensure that all of the conditions are correct and agreeable to you. If you are unsure about the terms set out by your new mortgage lender, we can provide a breakdown of what you can expect. Seeking legal advice from our qualified solicitors offers you extra security and the knowledge that your new mortgage deal is suitable. Many mortgage lenders require a solicitor present when you sign a mortgage deed, so this may need to be organised from the outset.

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