Estate Agents Reopen and House Moves Resume

May 19, 2020, By

On Wednesday 13th May, house viewings were allowed to recommence, with the initial easing of the Government lockdown. Prior to this, house moves were permitted under exceptional circumstances only, for example, if the property was vacant and social distancing rules were being followed.

To help kick start the housing market, Estate Agents have now re opened and are carrying out valuations and viewings. Removal companies can now also work.

The phones in our Residential Property Department have also been ringing non-stop, as people strive to make a move quickly.

Stages of House Moves

Before lockdown, we had some clients who were almost ready to move, and awaiting completion. These moves can now finally go ahead, so long as social distancing measures are adhered to, which is great news for us and a relief for our clients who have waited weeks to move.

House valuers are now able to go out and value properties. Luckily, mortgage brokers are honouring the existing terms of valuations and extending the time period for arranging these valuations, in lieu of the hold-up with lockdown.

As well as completions with existing clients, we are also seeing an influx of new instructions. This is a promising sign for the housing market; our clients can now act on their thoughts about moving house, and we are kept busy, too!

Lockdown’s Impact on Property

There are endless reasons why people decide that they want or need to move house. Having been in lockdown since March, they have had plenty of time at home to realise what they either love about their homes, or what they wish they had.

Whether it’s a city-centre flat with no garden space to enjoy the sunny days, or a family home where parents are working from the kitchen table whilst their kids play, these circumstances have surfaced some issues we may not have previously thought about.

Office Space

Many office-based jobs are considering the longer-term prospect of working from home, whether permanently, or a few days a week, even after lockdown.

For those who may be looking to continue working from home, a ‘home office’ or ‘study’ may be on the cards. If there isn’t a spare room or space to convert, then this may be a reason that people are looking for a new home.

Outdoor Space

As summer draws ever closer and those sunny days become more frequent, there may be the discovery that more outdoor space is needed. Whether it’s a bigger garden to play in, or a garden at all, it can be a huge contributing factor to the desire to move house. It becomes even more prominent when people on social media are showcasing their sizzling barbecues, sun loungers and hammocks, while others may not have any space to enjoy these things.

Family Matters

There could be families who are expecting, and with two months of the house-moving process lost to lockdown, it could be a priority for them to find their next family home before the baby comes.

We have heard of some instances where a couple were getting divorced before lockdown, and have now had to spend the past two months in the same home together.

As you can imagine, this situation is likely to heighten any sort of tension, meaning that as soon as house moves were back in business, they would have been some of the first to act.


Our conveyancing team has been continuing to work throughout lockdown, so that as soon as restrictions were lifted, we could complete on as many purchases as possible.

We are here for you once you find that dream home with that special space you never knew you needed until now.

You can get a fast, free quote through our website, but if you would like to speak with our residential property team about any queries in relation to conveyancing, we are more than happy to help.

Call the team on 0161 969 3131 or fill in our contact form and one of the team will call you back.