Writing a Will shouldn’t be Doom and Gloom!

November 4, 2020, By

So many people associate writing a will with negative emotions.


It is a fact of life that things can happen, but there are so many joyous moments in those things that we go through.

The positive that we should focus on is that we are going through the best parts of our lives; getting married, moving in together or buying a new house, starting a family, even getting out of a relationship and regaining your independence.

All of these things are key turning points in life. Our priorities can change throughout, and keeping a Will updated in line with these priorities can keep you assured in the knowledge that whatever happens, and when, everything is taken care of for the ones you love most.

Not many people enjoy thinking about death, and we can vouch for that. It happens to us all eventually, though. We shouldn’t be afraid to prepare. Writing a will does not somehow mean that you are more likely to die. It does, however, mean that when, in the future, something does happen, there are no unanswered questions which could lead to fallouts in the family.

Positive considerations when writing a will

Think of a cause close to your heart. Bring something positive to a charity or organisation that you or your family have been involved with throughout your lives and consider leaving a donation to them so that they can continue to do great work.

Arrangements for your children. It may never be needed, but appointing your closest friends or family to take care of your children in case anything does happen can make you so much more relaxed. It can also help to foster strong and long-lasting relationships between your kids and adults you respect who can inspire them.

Avoid inheritance Tax. There are ways in which you can arrange your assets so that your loved ones can avoid being taxed unnecessarily.

Decide who will execute your wishes. Your other half, your closest friend or relative. You can have your say over who will execute your will. If you do not specify this, there is no guarantee who will, and it could prolong the process of probate.

It is legally binding and valid. Having a solicitor to guide you through writing a will ensures that it is legally binding and signed or witnessed appropriately to make it valid. If using a DIY or generic option it might not be valid which could lead to complications.

The Personal Touch

Take the first steps into ensuring your family and everything that matters most to you is looked after, and we promise you, you will feel so much better afterwards.

A Will is probably one of the most important documents you will experience in your life so it is key to get it right! Our friendly, empathetic experts will help you to create a complete, legally binding will, and we will even store it for you do you will never lose it!

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