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Being organised with the writing of your will is the only way to guarantee your assets go where you want them to go following your death.

Many people find they first require a will writing service when they make a significant purchase such as buying their first house or starting their own business; alternatively, it may be when you get married or start a family.

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If you should die intestate (without a will) the law dictates who receives what from any property, savings, life insurance and valuable possessions you own. Making a will can reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax you pay; which will therefore affect how much of your estate goes to those you leave behind. At Slater Heelis our team of wills, trust and probate solicitors will help you protect your assets for the future and for your loved ones. Whether your needs are simple or complex we can help with tax planning, the distribution of your estate and making provisions for your family.

Writing your will

We provide a high quality will writing service to all of our clients, making certain that you can be safe in the knowledge that your bequests are being taken care of by people you trust. Our team of specialist lawyers are aware that many of our clients seek legal advice in the construction of their will because it is not straight forward. Such complicated circumstances may include:

  • Co-habiting with someone who is not your marital spouse or civil partner
  • You want to leave money for a dependent person
  • You may have a second spouse, children or step-children to consider
  • Your permanent residence is not in the UK
  • You are a resident in the UK but own property abroad
  • You are a business owner

Working with Slater Heelis will allow you to discuss your situation with an expert wills specialist to write the will that best suits you. Our will writing services include setting out who benefits from your will, who will look after any children under 18, who you would like to be your executor (this can be your solicitor if you wish,) and what happens if those who you want to benefit from your will die before you.

Our Service

We offer a thorough wills service to all our clients, helping you write the will that safeguards your loved ones while protecting their future with the necessary precautionary measures you may wish to take. If you would like to talk to one of the wills, trusts and probate team at Slater Heelis to discuss the writing of your will, please call us on 0161 969 3131 or alternatively you can complete our contact form online.

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