The dangers of DIY Wills

September 18, 2018, By

If you choose to either draw up your own will or use an “off the shelf” DIY will kit it will undoubtebly cost you less than had you used the services of a solicitor. However, it is quite possible that the cost saving is going to be the only benefit of taking this approach. In fact, it could be risky, for a number of reasons.

The most common reason is errors or ambiguities in the will. If the will isn’t perfectly clear this can lead to disputes which in turn can lead to property being left in a state of uncertainty, a loss of security or income for loved family members and a whole lot of stress, not to mention avoidable legal costs.

Sometimes the will won’t be even valid at all, particulary if the rules following how a will should be signed and witnessed aren’t followed correctly.

Your will is a personal matter, to be effective your own personal and financial circumtances have to be considered. A DIY or homemade will will rarely be personalised to you or provide flexibility should your circumstances change.

Doing it properly is worth the extra cost.