Q – My Mum has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and wants to make sure that her affairs are in order. What can we do to ensure that we can look after her wellbeing and finances should her health deteriorate further?

October 10, 2017, By

A – Your Mum should be thinking about making a Lasting Power of Attorney (an LPA) to appoint people to manage her affairs should she be unable to manage her own affairs in the future. Just because there has been a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s does not mean that it is too late to make an LPA. Your Mum should talk to a lawyer who can discuss with her the implications of making an LPA and the benefits of doing so. The LPA can be made to cover both Financial Affairs and Health and Welfare decisions. The person making the LPA must have sufficient capacity to understand the documents, so it is important to speak to somebody as soon as possible and to not leave it too late.