Q I am worried about who will look after my dogs when I die. Is there anything I can do to ensure they will be cared for?

November 14, 2017, By

A  The importance of a Will to ensure your loved ones are provided for cannot be understated. Can this be extended to your pets? The simple answer is yes although the methods of provision can become complicated.

There are few different ways you can ensure your dogs are cared for should they survive you:

  • Leave the dogs together with a sum of money to a charity in order they can find a new loving home for the dogs.
  • Name a specific person to leave the dogs with. That person should be left a sum of money to care for the dogs and there should be a requirement that the person only receives the money if they do indeed take on the responsibility for the dogs.
  • Leave your executors with specific instructions to find someone appropriate to care for the dogs.
  • Set up a trust which will leave funds to the trustees to be used for the care of your dogs until the dogs’ deaths. Although not as straightforward as the other options above this would give you peace of mind knowing that you have provided for your dogs for the rest of their life.

Here at Slater Heelis we understand how important your pets are to you. They are another member of the family whose future needs to be considered. If you want further advice please do not hesitate to contact us on: 0161 969 3131.