Summer of sports

The summer of sports is in full swing, most of the nation has been planning their days around the World Cup and Wimbledon, while in less than a month the Commonwealth Games will have kicked off in Glasgow.

Striking a balance between work and play

Whether you are a large company with an in-house HR department or a small company with limited resources, it is vital that as an employer you are aware of the major sporting events that will be important to your employees.

This applies particularly to tournaments such as the World Cup; a football spectacle that only occurs every four years. As a rare occurrence, it is in both your company’s and your employees’ interests to have an official policy in place which sets out clear guidelines regarding the expected behaviour of employees during this time.

The policy should be read and understood by the employer and employees to ensure that there is no bad feeling or confusion in terms of what is expected from each party.

Slater Heelis launches free summer of sport policy

We recognise that World Cup fans will be keenly following events either by booking time off work or via social media. To help employers strike the all important balance between flexible working and fair play, Head of Employment at Slater Heelis LLP, Tracey Guest has created a free policy for employers to refer to throughout this summer’s major events.

Tracey said: “This can be a real grey area for companies who are often caught unawares by sporting events and can end up with a deserted office and no clear guidance on how to manage their staff. Although the World Cup matches are largely outside traditional office hours there are still a number of issues that arise – how do you deal with someone who may come in after a heavy night drinking; can staff keep up with the tournament on Twitter? It is really important to have clear guidance in place to avoid bad feeling or confusion and this policy makes it very clear for both employer and employee as to what the obligations are on both sides.”

Employers can download Slater Heelis’ summer of sport policy for free – this will ensure you are covered for the key issues employers and employees should be aware of during this summer including:

  • How to deal with unauthorised absence
  • How to implement flexibility over working hours during games
  • Ensuring staff are aware of the company’s social media policies if planning to watch games online