Slater Heelis Launches Twiddlemuff Drive For Those With Dementia

April 10, 2017, By

The Private Client team at Slater Heelis are asking the crafty folk of Greater Manchester to get out their knitting needles to help those with dementia.

We are collecting ‘Twiddlemuffs’, a colourful and engaging dementia aid which can be made at home by following a simple knitting pattern.

What is a Twiddlemuff?

A Twiddlemuff is a popular aid for dementia patients.

It consists of a brightly coloured knitted cuff decorated with buttons, ribbons, togs and other items which the wearer can ‘fiddle’ with.

Dementia patients are often anxious and like to occupy their hands by fiddling and playing with small items. The Twiddlemuff was created to help and occupy dementia patients. The bright and varied colours also work as a stimulating visual aid.

Some Twiddlemuffs are shaped as friendly animals to act as companionship to those with advanced dementia.

Knit For Dementia

The Twiddlemuffs will be donated to local care homes, including Sunrise Senior Living in Hale Barns and Urmston Manor, The Knoll Care Partnership and Faversham House in Urmston.

Slater Heelis have also donated knitting materials to the knitting group at Open Studios Altrincham to kick off the campaign.

Head of the Private Client Team, Chris Partington, said:

“Our team work closely with a number of local care homes to provide support on a range of issues, from wills and the probate process to Court of Protection hearings and Lasting Power of Attorney.

“We came across the novel, but very useful, Twiddlemuffs concept recently and we could immediately see it was making a huge different to people suffering with dementia.

We’ve already had a lot of people wanting to get involved and support this campaign and we’d love for more people to get involved.”

How You Can Help

The Twiddlemuffs will be delivered to the care homes between May 14th – 20th, Dementia Awareness Week.

You can drop off your Twiddlemuffs at in our reception on the Sale high street at 16 School Road, Sale M33 7XP.

We can’t wait to see your designs!

Want to knit a Twiddlemuff?

You can download the simple knitting pattern (perfect for beginners!) here.

Happy knitting!