Maternity pay: the Working Mums guide with Partner and Head of Employment, Tracey Guest

November 6, 2018, By

Maternity pay is a minefield and many of us continue to be confused, especially when working on a fixed term or temporary contract.

Partner and Head of Employment, Tracey Guest, outlines the rights of expectant parents in this Working Mums guide to lead you through the baffling red tape surrounding your rights and allowances for part-time, agency and fixed-term contract workers.

Topics include:
– What is statutory maternity pay?
– Are temporary workers and those on fixed-term contracts entitled to SMP?
– Pregnant whilst on maternity leave – am I entitled to maternity pay?
– Maternity Pay Entitlement from two part-time jobs
– Refunding enhanced maternity pay
– Pregnancy-related discrimination
– Budgeting with a baby

You can read the full guide here: