Stress Awareness Month: Wellbeing in Lockdown

April 13, 2020, By

It couldn’t be more apt that Stress Awareness Month falls during these uncertain times. We have been keeping up with some of the recommendations to combat stress since the start of the month. It really does help to take a few moments daily to check in with yourself and take a little break from work, any chaos at home, and any other worries we are facing at the moment.

We thought it may be useful for us to highlight five of the top tips from the Stress Management Society for each of us to consider for our physical and mental wellbeing as we settle into our new routines.

  1. Prioritise your health

While we are still able to go outside for our daily exercise, be it a walk, jog or cycle, it makes sense to do so where we can. Alternatively, there are endless free online workouts through YouTube or various apps that can get us energised for the day without having to leave the house.

In addition to exercise, taking regular breaks from work can help to clear the head. Short meditations or even just a few deep breaths can help us to ease any stress or pressure we are feeling before we get back into work.

  1. Get a good night’s sleep

This may be easier said than done, especially for those with young children! Rest, however, is crucial to our performance and mood. Regardless of your setup at home, there are still measures we can take to try and get better sleep than whatever we deem ‘usual’ in our own circumstances.

How about switching off or putting away your phone, tablet, or other screens before you get into bed? Try reading instead, as the glare from screens can affect our ability to get to sleep.

  1. Practice deep breathing

Whether you are doing yoga, meditation, or simply some deep breaths as you take a break from your work, deep breathing helps to slow us down for a moment and to reset our thoughts.

Deep breathing is effective whether you have 30 minutes or just 1. Try this one-minute Headspace video.

  1. Stay hydrated

Does anybody else feel like they don’t drink as much water at home as they do at work? We think that topping up a glass or bottle of water should become part of the work-break routine.

Whenever you take that break, check your water, drink some if you haven’t and keep it topped up.

Hydration is key; no excuses!

  1. Eat for wellbeing

A balanced diet will keep us healthy and energised. Fruit and veg are great brain food and don’t take much effort to prepare.

All of this new time spent at home could also provide an opportunity to try out some new home cooking recipes. Whether you are doing this with family, housemates or alone to relax, cooking up something tasty is always rewarding. See what you can find in your cupboards and give something different a go.

Taking Care of Ourselves

While these tips are pretty self-explanatory and simple, we can often get caught up in our own thoughts, duties and to-do lists that we forget to take time to look after ourselves. Let’s use this change in pace to help ourselves.

For any more resources and tips on how to combat stress and improve wellbeing during Stress Awareness Month and in the long run, head over to the Stress Management Society website.