Virtual Wedding Ceremonies: Saying “I do” may not have been enough…

July 9, 2020, By Slater Heelis

Saying “I do” may not be enough. Our family team look at the implications of virtual wedding & partnership ceremonies.

The coronavirus crisis and introduction of lockdown measures unfortunately meant that many couples were forced to postpone or cancel their weddings or civil ceremonies.

Some of those couples looking forward to their “big day”, however, have decided to take part in virtual wedding ceremonies using video-conferencing facilities so that their guests can still be with them and be a part of the event.

Legal Requirements 

Councils have warned, however, that these virtual wedding and partnership ceremonies do not comply with certain legal requirements necessary for there to be a valid marriage/partnership. Two such requirements are that notice must have been given and that the ceremony takes place on approved premises in the physical presence of two or more witnesses and a registrar, who must all sign the register.

Taking part in a ceremony which was not legally binding can have far reaching legal implications for a couple, specifically with regard to their financial affairs.

The government announced that weddings and civil partnerships were able to take place from 4th July 2020 but many local register offices are still awaiting confirmation of the conditions which will be attached to those ceremonies. Those who are considering taking part in such virtual wedding and partnership ceremonies are urged to contact their local registrar for birth, deaths and marriages.

Expert Legal Guidance

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