Supermarket giant to offer higher wage in exchange for new contracts

March 16, 2017, By

It has been reported that supermarket giant Asda is to offer new contracts to 135,000 of its staff. The new contracts will contain increased pay of £8.50 per hour but in return, Asda may call on staff to work on bank holidays and all breaks will now be unpaid. It has also been reported that Asda will alter it’s nightshift window, which currently runs between 10pm and 6am. Workers are currently paid an additional £2.04 per hour for unsociable hours worked between these times. Going forward, unsociable hours will be cut to between midnight and 5am but the premium on unsociable hours rate will rise to an additional £2.54 per hour.

The new contracts are voluntary and Asda claims that 95% of its staff will be better off under the new deal, which is due to be introduced in October 2017.