‘Superhero’ father killed night before seeing children

August 30, 2017, By

Vilson Meshi, father of three, was killed in February 2016 when two teenagers threw a lit distress flare into the car he was sleeping in on the night before he was due to spend time with his children. The teenagers were found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced last Friday at Chelmsford Crown Court.

Mr Meshi, 31, had driven from Derbyshire to Essex in order to see his two children from his previous relationship. The children’s mother described him in court as a ‘doting father’ and stated that ‘nothing could replace their superhero daddy’ in the children’s eyes.

This tragedy has brought home the plight of many parents who for various reasons have to travel considerable distances to see their children after separating from the other parent. The realities of the ongoing financial squeeze often mean that travel and sleeping arrangements are less than ideal as in Mr Meshi’s situation.

On a separation, it is generally considered to be in a child’s best interest to continue to have a warm and meaningful relationship with both parents. However, for parents to remain involved with their children when there is a geographical divide takes a lot of willingness and commitment from both parents. Work commitments, new family arrangements and financial constraints can all conspire to make ongoing contact difficult.

With help and advice from a solicitor or by discussing arrangements with your ex in mediation you stand a good chance of finding a workable solution to contact. As a start you and your ex could consider completing a Parenting Plan which will deal with the issues that might otherwise remain unspoken. You can download the Plan and find lots of guidance from the Cafcass website.

If you would like to talk about contact with your children or to find out more about mediation just call 0161 969 3131 or email a member of the team.

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