Slater Heelis Launches FoRiday: Supporting Friends of Rosie

August 14, 2017, By Slater Heelis


Most of us know somebody who has been diagnosed with cancer.

The diagnosis turns worlds upside down.

Thankfully, the chances of survival are improving all the time due to the research that is being done.

When my son was born 27 years ago, my husband had just finished a course of radiotherapy and Rosie Larkin, the daughter of one of my clients, had been diagnosed with cancer. She was 5 years old and she died just before her 6th birthday.

What better reason could there have been for me to get involved with the charity set up in Rosie’s memory? Her parents wanted us to raise money to fund research. They recognised that “The key to a cure is research”. And so for 27 years I have been banging the Friends of Rosie drum.

We have raised over £2 million, but we need to raise more to improve the treatment and chances of survival of those children who will be diagnosed in years to come.

Marie Readey has come up with the amazing idea of dress down pay day FoRiday.

If everyone at Slater Heelis pays £2.00 to dress down on the Friday after pay day, we will raise £300 each month to help fund vital research.

Please take part, and you will be contributing towards research that could improve the treatment and prognoses of children with cancer in years to come.

We also encourage other local businesses to take part in PayDay FoRiday. 

  • Anne Irwin, Managing Partner, Slater Heelis