Making a Will: choose your people wisely

Putting together a Will is a daunting task. But it’s one you must get right. You will obviously want to make sure that your assets – such as property, money and other belongings – are administered as you wish them to be.

In order to do that, here are four types of people you must carefully choose when making your Will.


Beneficiaries are the people you want to leave your various assets to. The more specific you are in your Will regarding who gets what, the better.

You will no doubt want specific people to receive specific items – as well as leaving money and other valuables, many people choose to bequeath items of sentimental value in their Will.

Thus, naming beneficiaries specifically is absolutely vital.


An executor is a person you appoint to make sure your Will is carried out as you wish.

You can choose just one executor if you wish, but it is highly advisable to choose at least one substitute or back-up executor, as you never know what might happen. Most people appoint up to four executors in total – though you can appoint more than that if you want to.

Obviously, the people you choose should be people you can rely on. You should also check first that they are willing to act as an executor for you.

If you don’t leave a Will (or you leave an invalid one), your next of kin will automatically be entitled to apply for a grant of representation. If they are successful, they will have control of your estate. However, this might not be the person (or people) you want to take care of your affairs.

Trustees and Guardians

If you have children who are under 18 years of age, you will need to set up a trust, so that the assets you leave behind for them will be looked after until they are old enough to take legal possession.

Appointing a guardian for your children is also important, as this will mean that they are looked after by someone of your choosing. If you don’t specifically appoint a guardian in your Will, the courts will appoint somebody – but this may not be who you would have chosen.

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